Hire students and get their input.

All students in our database are studying at a University or High School in the UAE and are looking to gain work experience. We believe all companies can benefit from working with students, may it be in different roles. 

Build a team



Flexible hours

During an internship or part time job you get to know the student and might decide to hire him or her as a full-time employee after graduation.

You only pay the students for the hours they work, at reasonable fees. The work permit and visa costs for students are very low to non-existent.

You will learn from the students' fresh perspectives and innovative knowledge. Working with students is also a great opportunity to better understand the future generations.

You can hire a student when your workload increases. This can be for peak hours, seasonal work or additional work.

Ready to hire students?

Many students can't wait to start!


It is important to think about the details of the job you will be posting to the students! The more attractive you make the job, the more applicants you will have and the better candidates we can shortlist, resulting in a better match!

We have prepared a short guide to help you create a great job opportunity for our students.


Make your job attractive by offering a stipend/compensation that will be fair and attractive for students. 90% of our registered students say that one of their reasons to work is to earn some money. Offering a fair compensation will make your opportunity attractive, so the right candidates will apply. 

Part-time or full-time

Though we allow recent graduates to register, most of the students on our portal are still studying. A full-time opportunity is not feasible for most of them throughout the year, so part-time opportunities get a much better response. Of course, the summer is an exception when most students are off for a few months. If you really need full-time availability, then make sure to match your compensation to attract recent graduates. 

The tasks

We can imagine it would be great to hire a student to support you on a broad range of tasks but it is almost impossible to find the right fit in that case. Someone who is great at graphic design is often not so great at speaking on the phone. A job opportunity will not be attractive to most students when it is unclear what their daily activities and responsibilities will be. So, think about your requirements and the daily tasks the student will be doing. And try to make it as clear as possible in your job ad! 

Put your brand out there!

All our job ads are posted anonymously. If you want to attract more students we suggest to add "branding" - your company name and logo - to the ad. Students will be more likely to apply to a job where the company name is mentioned. You can do this for an extra fee of AED500*

* please note that this option is not applicable for recruiting or staffing companies

Job title

Make the job title attractive and think about the words you use. The title is the first thing the students read. If they like it, they will open the job and check it out!