Young Talent Music Competition Finals

Quest for excellence is an inherent feature of human behavior. Whether its Music or any other form of Art, they always strive to achieve the highest potential. Muzikminds believes that this is absolutely true and it all begins at the most earliest and memorable years of our lives – School. So along with their partner Xpressidea, they are organizing a Music Talent contest to give students the opportunity of raising the bar for themselves in this consequent attempt to compete with others.

Not all participants will be competition winners but every participant will have the opportunity to be a winner in a manner of achieving a higher goal.

They also offer all participants the opportunity to step on to the global stage of Talent recognition through a public performance as well as by virtue of having wide Media coverage.

Click HERE for details on Eligibility and Timelines.

A big congratulations to the finalists click here to see all the finalists.

We wish all the finalists all the best!

Finals: November 22nd, 6pm onwards

Venue: Amity University Dubai

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