Why should you gain work experience?

You are working hard to perform at school or university, but are you also getting some real-world experience? Besides the theoretical education it is so important to also learn by doing and experiencing different things. Gaining work experience before you graduate is so beneficial, and here are a few reasons:

1. Invest in yourself!

Now is the time to experiment! Part-time jobs, volunteering opportunities and internships are usually short-term roles in different fields, so you can try out a broad range of activities. Working in many different roles will teach you what skills you are good at, and what departments/ industries you enjoy most. This will help you to choose the right entry-level job once graduated.

2. Increase your employability

By working while studying, you start building your CV. You show future employers you already have some work experience, which will be helpful when looking for that first job. If you have internships and jobs while studying you also show potential employers that you are an ambitious person and that you can handle multiple responsibilities at the same time.

3. Get paid

A lot of part-time jobs and internships are compensated, so you will earn some money. Isn’t it a great feeling to have your own money so you and only you can decide what to spend it on?!

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