Meet our team ... Samrah!

Today we introduce to you our intern Samrah! Samrah is doing business development and sales at - or better said she is in the job creators team. She tries to get as many jobs as possible for you all! How great is that!

Samrah recently graduated from Heriot Watt University with a bachelors of Business Management and Marketing.

We are very happy to have her in our team 💪🚀

A few facts about Samrah 🚀

  • Best Dubai Spot: JBR 

  • Coolest Dubai Fact: About 50 years ago, Dubai was just a little town in the middle of the desert 

  • What is your favorite food to best meal ever eaten: Alfredo pasta!

  • What is the last book you read? Don't lose your mind, lose your weight 

  • What is your dream job:  to be successful at whatever i do... to have a fun job with responsibilities 

  • What/who inspires you:  My elder sister, Sarah.

  • What is your secret talent:  Make-up and events decoration

  • Your favorite family tradition:  Friday lunch with the whole family

  • If you could be an animal, which one would you be? Lioness 

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