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Why work.

Get paid.

Most of our jobs and internships on our platform are compensated. This will help you to increase your budget.

Invest in yourself.

By working and volunteering now you will learn what skills you are good at, and what departments/industries you enjoy most. This will help you to choose the right entry-level job once graduated.

Work when you can.

We offer a range of opportunities that can be combined with your study. You can choose from evening and weekend jobs, holiday jobs, flexible jobs as well full-time internships or volunteering opportunities.

Increase your employability.

By working while studying, you improve your CV. You show future employers you already have work experience, that you are ambitious and that you can handle multiple responsibilities at the same time. 


We bring you JOBS.

Our portal has a lot of different opportunities for high schoolers, students and graduates. We offer part-time jobs, full-time jobs, internships and volunteering opportunities. Once you register you will find the current overview of available opportunities. You can easily apply for the jobs online and we keep your application status updated. We are constantly working hard to find more opportunities for students, while also making sure you will work in a safe and positive environment.

DISCOUNTS. and EVENTS. for you.

We understand that students are always on the lookout for great discounts and fun events. We aim to collect all the available discounts and offer you special and exclusive studentJOBS discounts. We will also write about cool upcoming events so you know what is going on! 


We bring you content. 

We have realized that content specifically aimed at students is not something that is easy to find. In our student corner we aim to share a lot of relevant, plus we give you the opportunity to share your own! 

We care, a lot.

We try our best to help all the students in the UAE to have a better student life, gaining more meaningful experience and having more fun. Our own team also consists of interns, offering them a great experience at a startup company. If you have questions, feel free to reach out and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We just care about our future leaders, a lot! And we do appreciate it if you give us some love on social media!

"The team really puts their heart and soul into finding ethically acceptable companies which will actually add value to the students' learning experience along with a chance of being permanent.
They have an articulate screening process for both the companies and students and ensure any unethical practice is reported immediately."

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