Frequently Asked Questions. (FAQ)


What kind of students are in our database?

We have a large database with a diverse range of students. All our students are currently studying in the UAE, or have graduated in the last 12 months. All students in our database also have in common that they have a valid UAE visa. In general, we have two types of students registered with The first group consists of university students: Bachelor and Master students enrolled in a broad range of studies from all universities in the United Arab Emirates, eligible to work. We also have late-stage high-school students in our database. This only includes students over the age of 15 as this is the minimum age to work in the UAE.

The students in our database speak a great variety of languages, have a broad range of skills and are all interested to gain work experience.

JOBS. Why do companies hire students for part-time and temporary roles?

Companies have different reasons to work with The reason we hear most often is that companies love the flexibility our students provide them. They hire students for times when they really need additional resources, to work during peak hours or to work on projects that have been waiting for attention for too long. Another reason for attracting students is the low hiring cost. The costs for arranging the work permit and the salaries are very reasonable compared to the quality of work the students do. Another reason we have heard from companies is that working with a student is a great way to gain new insights, test new tools and learn from the younger generations. Apart from the immediate benefits, companies have said it is a great way to really get to know students and consider them as future full-time employees.

JOBS. Can you also provide students for internships?

Yes, we can. The line between student jobs and internships is very thin and sometimes non-existing. A student will learn from each work experience, whether it is directly related to his/her study or not. We only have one rule: the student must be compensated for his/her work. As a minimum, the students’ expenses such as transportation must be covered by the employer. Please, reach out for specific advice on this topic.

What services does provide exactly?

JOBS. We help companies to find the right candidates for the opportunity that is on offer. Together with the company we prepare a job description, which includes the tasks and requirements for the candidates. We then promote this opportunity among the relevant students in our database and ask them to apply. For an extra fee we can place your logo and name in the job ad which means extra branding for you! Based on the applications, we prepare a shortlist of candidates that best match the company’s requirements. We can offer our Select service, where we pass on 6-8 profiles per vacancy based on the students’ profiles, motivation and availability for the job. We can also offer our Recruit service, in which case we interview the candidates to reduce the shortlist to 2-4 best matching candidates. The final part of the selection is always up to the client. ADS & PROMO In our student corner we can promote your company or product. We have more then 51K+ visotrs on our website and 16K+ registered stduents. Interested? Contact us at ! SURVEY Do you wish to get the opnion of students in the UAE? We can help you with that! Contact for more info

JOBS. How long does it take to find the right student?

The length of the process depends on the level of service you have selected. In case of the Select service, once the job ad is confirmed we will only need 3 to 4 working days to provide you with a shortlist of suitable, available and interested candidates. In case of the Recruit service, we need 5 working days after the confirmation of the job ad to provide the overview of shortlisted candidates. After this, the selection and onboarding process is led by your timelines.

JOBS. How does make the shortlist?

Based on the requirements you set in the job ad, we send the job to relevant students in our database matching these criteria. We ask them to apply by informing us of their motivation and availability. Once we have received their feedback, we compile a shortlist of best matching students for you.

JOBS. Can I meet the students before I select one for the job?

After we have sent you the shortlist with profiles of the suitable, available and interested candidates you can contact the students for further assessment and interviews.

JOBS. What permit/documentation is required to hire the student?

The most important document to employ a student is a No Objection Certificate from the student’s sponsor, which the student will arrange with our support once you have selected the student.

Further requirements depend on the legal set-up of your company (Government/Private/Freezone) and we advise you to check with the relevant authorities. We have some basic knowledge of what is required, but as you know, rules in the UAE can change often. Private DED-registered companies have the possibility to apply for a part-time work permit, for which only a few basic company documents are required and the costs are around AED 600.

JOBS. Is a contract between the company and the student a must?

We strongly advise to write down the most important agreements made between the company and the student, to clarify expectations and protect both parties. Most important things are: job tasks, working hours and agreed compensation. We can provide you with a template agreement.

JOBS. How much compensation does a student expect?

The compensation is something we can advise you on when constructing the job ad. The expected compensation strongly depends on the requested tasks and further requirements. In the end, the compensation is something the employer and student must agree on. In general, we advise to pay a high-school student around AED 20/hr and a university student salary from around AED 35/hr. These numbers only give some direction, and are definitely not set in stone.

In case of volunteering opportunities, a personalized certificate mentioning the number of hours is a requirement. Any other compensation, such as transportation, food/drinks and outfits are recommended.

JOBS. How much does charge?

We only charge our clients a matching fee when we have made a successful match between employer and student. For internships and part-time jobs, the invoice is only payable after 30 days. If the work arrangement between employer and student does not work out during this month, the employer can request a new shortlist or decide not to pay the matching fee to For the Select service we charge AED 750 per selected candidate. Our Recruit service costs AED 2,000 per selected candidate.

In case of volunteers, a large number of required candidates or a short-term assignment, we offer custom pricing. Please, reach out to us on to discuss your specific requirements!

JOBS. What kind of jobs can students do?

Students are well-educated, fast-learning individuals, mostly without a lot of experience. Therefore, some jobs are easier fulfilled by students than others. But with the right guidance a student can learn to perform very well in a lot of roles.

During the year, most students are interested in part-time jobs (10-20 hours per week) and weekend jobs. During and after the summer a lot of students are available for full-time for 3 to 6 months internships. Our younger students are also interested in volunteering opportunities throughout the year.

Some examples of great student jobs:

  • (online) research
  • Admin tasks/data entry
  • Basic accounting/bookkeeping
  • Events jobs, such as marshalling, ticket sales and customer service
  • Marketing/social media support
  • Customer service
  • Business development & sales
  • Creative roles, such as graphic design and videography
  • Customer-facing and kitchen support in hospitality


Is the jobs-portal available for students?

Yes! We have launched our jobs-portal in april 2019 for students to make it easier for them to register, manage/change their profiles and to apply for jobs. We are working hard to develop the portal further with a lot more features in the future! If you registered before april 2019 you can setup your account by recovering your password here:

Where can I sign up for

Are you a student and already made up your mind you want to work? Great! YALLA sign up! You can register at Do you already have an account as a student, then go to Are you a student and have you registered before april 2019 with us, we already have you in our database. You then only need to get your login details. You can get your login details by first recovering your password. Go to the following link to do that:

Who can sign up?

All students in the UAE! All students from the age of 15 years until one year after graduation can sign up! The only other requirement is that you have a valid UAE visa sponsored by your family or university.

How does the process work?

Ok, that’s a good question. We always aim to keep the process as simple as possible. First you have to register online and make sure to complete your profile. After completing your profile you will RECEIVE THE JOB OPPORTUNITIES based on your preferences! Read the jobs thoroughly and we always ask some input from your side, such as your availability in the coming months. For some opportunities we perform a phone interview. Based on your profile and input we make a shortlist of candidates and pass those on to the employer. REGISTRATION To open your account you need to register here. Right after registering your email, you need to confirm your email address by clicking the link in the confirmation email we will send you. YOUR ONLINE PROFILE When filling in your details it is important that you provide us with the correct details about yourself and what kind of student job you are looking for. This will result in a better job match for you! Please don’t forget to upload a professional looking picture to complete your profile! JOB ALERTS You will receive job alerts based on your profile and preferences. You can also find all the jobs you can apply to in the JOBS tab of your profile. APPLY EASY AND FAST TO A JOB When you see an opportunity that you are very interested in, we will ask you to apply on the opportunity by clicking the “APPLY HERE” button. Make sure you answer the extra questions, such as your availability, why you are interested in the job etc. Please make sure to do this before the closing date. By showing your interest in an opportunity you give us the right to share your details and provided information with the employer. We will keep you informed if you are shortlisted or not! KEEPING TRACK You can always log in to see all the jobs and their status. Jobs that have the status “open” mean that they are open for applicants. When this status is showing “closed” it means it is not possible to apply anymore. We also have a special status for you. After applying for a job you will see that the status will change to “applied”. The statuses that can follow are: Shortlisted: your profile summary is being sent to the employer. To see an example of a profile summary click here Not Shortlisted: Unfortunately you did not match all the criteria required for the role, and your details have not been shared with the employer Call setup: We will set up a phone interview with you. Not selected by company: The client has received your profile. But unfortunately, you did not get the job. Selected by company: You will start the job soon!

How will the company choose the student?

If we shortlist you based on your profile and application information, we will pass on the details to the employer. The company will review the shortlisted candidates and follow up for the further process. In case they like your profile, the employer will reach out for further selection. Further selection can be based on a phone interview, face-to-face interview, an assignment or any other mode of selection.

When will I have a Job?

Our process is set up to validate that you are eligible to work in the UAE. From the moment you complete your profile we will be able to send you the student job opportunities, based on your preferences. We cannot predict or promise anything, since the outcome depends on too many factors, including yourself and the employer. We are working very hard to provide more and more opportunities.

How can I increase my chances to get a job?

If you are really keen to get a certain job then you need to really think about what motivates you to apply for the job. Think about why you would be the best person for that role. When applying for the opportunity you can then make sure you write down this great motivation so that you will stand out from others who also apply!

I forgot my password, what to do!

No worries, please go to the following link: and fill in your registered email address with us. You will receive an email on the given email address. You need to click on the link provided in the email and set up your new password. Then, you’re good to go and log in again!

I cannot login, my account is blocked, what to do!

No worries, please send an email to from the registered email and a few words with the problem, so that we can find out why your account is blocked. We will come back to you as soon as we can.

Why should I get a Job?

There can be different reasons why you want to get a Student Job. Of course this is very personal. We do see a lot of similarities that drive students to look for jobs. One of the reasons could be because you want to gain some work experience before starting a real job after graduation and to increase your employability chances after graduation. Or perhaps you would like to earn some extra money to save up or to buy something you really wanted to buy for a long time. Another reason can be that you would like to dedicate your free time to a higher purpose and do something useful. Working in a Student Job will also help you to get a better understanding of what career you would like to pursue after graduation; you will get a better insight in your own skills and preferences. By working you will play a more active part in local society, and get exposure to many different people. Everyone has their own personal reason. We encourage you to think about this, because we think it is important in the process of getting a Job. Clarifying this will eventually help you to reach your goals.

What are the timings of the Job?

We specify the working hours in the job ads. You can check your own schedule if these timings work for you. Of course, you don’t want to work on days or hours that you need to go to class or work on projects. That is why we check your availability for a job.

Which documents are needed?

This depends on the Company status (Government/Private/Freezone) and location of your employer. What you will always need is the No Objection Certificate (NOC). The NOC is a letter from your visa sponsor that states that you are allowed to work. We can provide you with a letter template which you can print and have signed by your sponsor, once we have found you a job.

Are there any costs for me?

Getting an account on is totally free! And getting a job also doesn’t cost you anything! You will actually get paid for the part-time/full-time jobs and internships, as we strive that the student gets compensated for all these jobs.

What kind of Jobs does offer?

We have a lot of students in our database from different universities and studies. To match this diversity, we also offer a lot of different jobs in a wide range of industries and fields. has part-time and full-time jobs, temporary jobs, part-time and full-time internships and volunteering work for students. Some examples of the jobs we have are admin support, receptionist, events, promotion, sales, and jobs in hospitality such as hosting and waiting. We also offer jobs where you really need to use the skills you are learning in your studies, such as web developer, graphic designer, process engineer, interior design and many others.

How much will I get paid?

We strive that the student always gets compensated. Most of the volunteering work however is unpaid, but there will be some form of a small compensation such as lunch, t-shirts, caps or a prize to be won. In this case, a certificate will always be provided.

Can I become a student ambassador for

Unfortunately we don’t have an ambassador program in place at the moment. We are working hard to set this up. Our aim is to start this program in September 2019. If you are interested in being one of our ambassadors, please send us an email at and specify in this email that you would really like to become a student ambassador and why. We will contact you by the time we will start this program.

How will handle my personal information?

Please read our privacy policy, you can find it here. We do everything we can to keep your personal information safe, and only share the details with employers after you apply for jobs. When you apply for jobs, it will give us the right to share your details with the employer.

How can I unsubscribe from

You can unsubscribe by sending an e-mail to with your reason to no longer receive jobs from us. We understand there are different reasons to unsubscribe. Perhaps you are moving to another country or you have already started your professional career. But please, keep in mind that we can also help students with finding the right internship and even their first professional job, since we know so many employers. If you already have been working with us as a student, we are even more excited to help you get your first real job after graduation.

How do I write a good Motivation for my Application?

It is important to let the company/employer know why YOU are the best person for the role and show them your motivation! This can be a MAKE OR BREAK for you. It can be the reason why the company/employer will ask you to come for an interview. We have written down, in a few simple steps, what you can do in order to write a good motivation: - Go through the JOB AD thoroughly! See what skills, personality traits or software knowledge is required. - If you have one or more of these requirements, mention them in your motivation! - If you have done similar work before.. Great! Share it in the motivation! - Don't make your motivation a generic one. Make sure we get to know you! - Do not Copy Paste the same motivation for all the jobs, since all job requirements are not the same. Write a unique motivation for that specific job. - Try and answer this question in your motivation “Why would you fit in this job?’’ - Make sure that the few sentences you write are correct and flawless English!

What does do for students?

Great question! And we haver 2 answers for you JOBS. and EVERYTHING ELSE! First of all and our main focus is to help students in the UAE get experience! We try very hard to get more and more opportunities for the stduents in the UAE! We need every help we can to get our name out there, so please every help from your side is welcome, so spread our name :) ALSO especially for students - we have launched in October 2019 the student Corner! You can find everything especially focused on students! For example: students events in the UAE, student discounts, student trainings and course and all other relevant student information! go to